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Book Apps for Beginners



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Understanding Cause & Effect

When we write fiction, we see the story in our mind long before it’s down on paper. We know why our characters are acting the way they do because we are familiar with their past and in control of their future. We understand the significance of every event in the


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Book Apps for Beginners


This month, we’re giving you a wonderful ebook that will help you understand the remarkable possibilities offered by book apps!


book apps

Karen Robertson, our Book App Expert, has created a special ebook version of her Book Apps for Beginners just for Children’s Book Insider subscribers!


Our Vision for 2014, Part 2 – Fighting for Literacy and Understanding

In the first post, we told you about some of the folks who will be teaching you about all
the exciting new 21st century publishing technologies that will allow you make a
worldwide impact and build a thriving writing career. In case you missed that, here it is:


Video Quickie: Want to Know Where Publishing is Heading? Listen Up….




View Julie Hedlund's vital video Don’t Fear the Future: Embrace It!
for some real inside scoop about the future of publishing!


Video Quickie: How to Find the Time to Write


Ever wonder how some people seem impossibly busy — but also impossibly productive?  Or how some writers can maintain families, full-time jobs and prolific literary careers?

From decades of hanging out with these kinds of folks, I've figured out a few of their secrets.  And, in this Video Quickie, I


The Only Picture Book Writing Course You'll Ever Need Is Here!


Meet Emma Walton Hamilton



Emma Walton Hamilton and her mom, the legendary Julie Andrews, chat
with Rachael Ray about their bestselling books.

If you've been around children's books for a while, you probably know
exactly who Emma


Tie Your Book to an Annual Event to Get More Publicity!

Did you know that  July 21 is National Ice Cream Day?  Or that September 1-7 is National Waffle Week?  Or that May is National Bike Safety Month?

No matter the subject matter of your book, there’s probably a “National Day/Week/Month” that connects to it.  Knowing this well in advance can


A Holiday Gift for Our Fightin’ Bookworms!

We recently came across something we knew you'd all enjoy.  It's a child's activity book from 1907 called  The 12 Magic Changelings, and it features 12 cut and paste sets of figures from classic literature.  You'll find Mary and her little lamb, Humpty Dumpty and the egg, Tom the



Composer Mark Henderson on Creating Music for Apps

Today we're visiting with Mark Henderson, a longtime composer who is now providing the score to many children's book apps.


1) Tell us a bit about what you do, and your musical background.

I am a professional composer with over 30 years of experience in Entertainment music projects. I


The Children’s Writer’s Big Book of “How To”


The Book No Author's Library Should Be Without.


Book on How to Write a Book for Children - The Children's Writer's Big Book of "How to"


The Children's Writer's Big Book of "How To"

Everything You Need to Know….and Then Some!


  • What's the best way to choose a point of view for your story?  
  • How can you turn that great idea you

We Make It Easy to Succeed!



For most of our 23 years in business, our advice to aspiring authors has pretty much been the same:

Write a great manuscript, research publishers, assemble a submissions package, send it off….and wait.

If you're one of the lucky ones, your wait will end with a contract offer. 


Confused About Copyright? This Is For You!

Copyrights can be a confusing issue for newer writers.  It doesn’t help that much of what’s out there that attempts to explain the subject is confusing and contradictory.
We’ve found a terrific resource that will make everything clear and easy to understand.  It’s from a group called The Copyright Alliance,


Watch Our Expert Guide Webinar!

On October 9, Fightin' Bookworms from across the globe joined us live as we answered some of your most pressing questions.  We recorded the webinar…and here it is!

(quick note — we lost video near the very beginning and about halfway through.  It's just a minute or two, and the



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BONUS eCOURSE: How to Publish Your Book for the Kindle

We acquired the rights to an excellent tutorial on how to create and sell an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.  We’ve added in an extra bonus — a step by step guide for creating an eBook for the Nook, too!

This course is being sold elsewhere, but we also acquired the rights to give it away to our members.  It’s our gift you you for being loyal Fightin’ Bookworms!