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Webinar w/Rob Broder of Ripple Grove Press








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Jon Bard

Jon is the co-owner of Children's Book Insider. Along with his wife, Laura Backes, he has dedicated more than two decades to helping aspiring writers achieve their dreams of becoming published children's authors.

4 Responses to “Webinar w/Rob Broder of Ripple Grove Press”

  1. Sheri Rad

    To submit to Rob after this interview what do I need to add to the subject line for submission from this webinar? Thank you.

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks so much…very good info.

  3. Elizabeth Westra

    I just watched Rob Broder’s webinar, and found it helpful and fascinating. I’m not sure how a story can be funny, unique different and maybe even a bit quirky and sweet also. I am still going to try to come up with something that might fit their guidelines.

  4. Laura Backes

    Sheri, you should put your book title in the subject line. After it, you can also put “CBI webinar attendee”.

    Good luck!

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