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Who We Are (The Boring Corporate Version):

Children’s Book Insider is a family business based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We began in May, 1990 and have helped thousands of people start and build successful careers writing for children. The folks behind CBI are the husband and wife team of Jon Bard and Laura Backes. Laura is one of the world’s best-known children’s writing teachers, and has been published by Writer’s Digest, The Writer, Random House and countless other outlets.  Jon is the former owner of a New York PR firm and is well known for his articles, posts and videos on the art of promotion for writers.

Jon and Laura are joined by an amazing cast of CBI Expert Guides, including multimillion-selling authors, award-winning writers and marketing legends.

The core of our business is the same as it always has been: Children’s Book Insider, the Newsletter for Children’s Writers. Every month, for more than two decades, we’ve shared instruction, advice, market tips and inspiration through the pages of the CBI. We’re proud to be known as the source for all aspiring and working children’s writers.


Who We Are (The Less-Boring, Decidedly Un-corporate Version):


once a place called New York City, a boy met a girl. 


The boy practiced a form of magical wizardry known as “public relations”.  The girl was a mystical creature known as a “literary agent”.  She was known far and wide for her wondrous skills in divining joyous children’s books from thin air.

Our heroes soon became a family.  Here they are on their honeymoon, in which they made a mythic trek to a strange and wild village called “New Orleans”:



Everywhere the pair went, they were greeted by would-be scribes who, having discovered the girl’s occupation, invariably declared “I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book!  How do I do it?”

Soon, the boy and the girl realized what their life-long quest would be:  to help people become children’s book writers by teaching them exactly how to do it!

And with that, Children’s Book Insider was born!   Now, almost 25 years later, the boy and girl still carry on with their life’s work — helping intrepid seekers reach their ultimate goal… a published children’s book.

Of course, a  few things have changed, as we see in the picture below.  The boy has lost his hair, a new addition (an odd creature called a “teenager”, also known as “Matt”) joined the tribe, and the girl somehow manages to look younger than she did when they met.




And thus, the tale of Jon, Laura and Children’s Book Insider continues onward.  And you, dear reader, are now part of the story!



What We Believe:


  • The world’s children need and deserve wonderful books that educate, entertain and inspire.


  • Anyone dreaming of writing for children should have the finest tools and guidance to achieve their goal, regardless of experience, financial resources or location.




If you have any questions at all, just use the “Support” link at the top of the page to drop us a line.  If you prefer, you can reach us at 970-495-0056.

Our mailing address is  Children’s Book insider, LLC, 901 Columbia Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Thanks so much for being part of our community!