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Video Quickie: The One Thing That Will Kill Your Creativity

Jon checks in with some ideas about how to bypass a huge pothole that often engulfs writing careers.


10 Responses to “Video Quickie: The One Thing That Will Kill Your Creativity”

  1. Helen Landalf

    Thank you. This is so true, and it's exactly what I needed to hear today.

  2. Arti Sonthalia

    So true. It works in all aspects of our lives…


  3. lilia westmore

    Thanks, Jon Bard, for the "negativity" pothole! You're very right, being positive is the true way to succeed in any endeavor, especially writing!!!


  4. Linda Zebert

    This is one of the most awesome websites and thank you Jon Bard for the work you do to help floundering writers who are overwhelmed by the plethora of information.

    Linda Zebert

  5. Alicia Minor

    Yes sir! Negativity is a no-no in the field of writing. We just can't have it or it will ruin everything. WE have to move on after each rejection. Thanks JOn for another positive tip. More power!

    alicia minor


  6. Carolyn Carmody

    Hi Jon–

    Great video.  You hit the nail on the head!  I'm lucky to have a positive husband!  It's amazing the positive take he will have on situations that I am at the opposite spectrum on!

  7. Karen Bard

    Hi Jon…
    I’ve always been a positive person – it was absolutely necessary to keep up the spirits of the kids I taught with learning difficulties. And I started writing children’s stories absolutely convinced that I had the skills to make it work. But now that I know more about publishing and marketing, I get scared that I don’t have those skills. Being afraid of moving forward is about as bad as being negative. I keep trying to give myself pep-talks and I am very fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who are excited about what I’m doing. What is the best way to fight our own demons?

  8. Jon Bard

    Hi Karen,

    I think the best answer is “enjoy the journey”. Don’t get hung up on being published right now, and don’t expect your work to be the best it can be quite yet. Just take pleasure in getting a little better every day.

    Do some writing exercises. Try some “freewriting” (stream of consciousness writing). Take the pressure off and just enjoy the sensation of writing — even if you’re just writing for yourself.

    Your confidence will only grow as you work to master your craft. Keep it fun and enjoy the ride!

  9. Susan Burd

    Thank you Jon!
    I have been bombarded with negativity for most of my life and have found that only when I can find a positive in a negative situation can I be inspired. I appreciate the rainbow and try not to focus on the storm! It is my wish to inspire others-so I have ‘divorced’ myself from the negative charges in my life. It really works! Thanks for your constant support to the cbi family.

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