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VIDEO – How to Get the Attention of an Author, Agent or Editor

Looking to reach out to a well-known author, editor or agent for some advice and assistance? It can be done, but you need to go about it the write way. Jon’s here with some tips!

2 Responses to “VIDEO – How to Get the Attention of an Author, Agent or Editor”

  1. Patricia Bailey

    Hi Jon,

    I have just become a new paying member – after many years of free CBI. As I make time for writing, I find that everything is aligned and success is here.

    I am glad that I had time to look at what is really happening at CBI and joined.

    I have downloaded the appreciation gifts but could not access the video of the panel.  How can I access it?

    Thank you for all you do,

    Patricia Bailey

  2. Jenny Kingsford

    A great video quickie, Jon. This sense of entitlement is a huge issue in many areas (don't get me started on Gen Y and Z) so it was interesting to hear that it is rampant in the writing world too. As an emerging writer I have found it interesting how this rather arrogant stance can be so unconscious in many.

    I find that many people are competing for who is the busiest and those that are claim they are feel entitled to attention from others yet are too busy to offer any themselves. Some writers in my writing group are asking others to read and edit full manuscripts and offer nothing back (you should be so lucky to read it) as they are unwilling to pay a professional to do it. When I have popped along to a couple of information sessions at writing schools and people have asked what the next trend is and demanded advice but wouldn't take the time to attend a course on offer. Probably the most amusing are the writers who have completed their first draft of a manuscript and feel entitled to subject the poor publishers to it because they felt entitled to it without taking the time to do any rewrites at all .The list goes on and on.

    Your chat was a great reminder to be professional, engage in courtesy and give what you would like to receive.

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