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Previous Featured Fightin’ Bookworm Titles


Alphabet Town (New Frontier Publishing)

by Fightin' Bookworm Bryan Evans
Illustrated by Kimberly Moon





The Legend of Painted Pony and the Western Wind (Ambassador International)

by Fightin' Bookworm Cathy Huffman




Louie Dances with the Bears (Bucephalus Publishing)

by Fightin' Bookworm Ken Wartenberg




The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School

by Fightin' Bookworm Ken Derby


3 Responses to “Previous Featured Fightin’ Bookworm Titles”

  1. Ayesha Karim

    I am looking to write a children’s book about a long haired back cat with blue eyes named Minky. I want it to be a children’s Haiku poetry book. I have notes but no text written yet. I want it to be a book of children’s poems about a cat named Minky the protagonist and a mouse the antagonist that annoys Minky. If I can get some feed back that would be great on how to best pen my poems and then get dope illustrations. I’d jump for Joy if my book can be completed by October in time for Halloween 2013.

  2. lou buffkin

    I think you’re brave to do But I think you can do it. It should really make it stand out from the others which would give you a better chance of getting sold.

    With all the stages that a manuscrip goes through after it is bought, it would be more like
    2014 before it hit the stores.

    Try it and see if it feels right. Blessings on being a published writer.


  3. Joseph Sottile

    How do I get my eBooks for signing up today during this great promotion?

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