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We're bigger, better and more useful than ever before. 

And we want you back!



Since you've been gone, we've undergone a major revolution. 

Everything has changed!



Check it out — here's just some of what the CBI Clubhouse now includes:


  • The CBI 1-2-3 Publishing System – our revolutionary, step-by-step program to get you published and selling books. Available only to Fightin' Bookworms!




  • Members-only webinars and specials


  • A fresh issue of Children's Book Insider, the Newsletter for Children's Writers, each month


  • Our huge and ever-growing library of how-to articles, videos and podcastsnow organized into easy to find sections!


(You can take a video quick tour of all the new goodies here)


So much has changed, but one thing remains:

We want you to reach your dream of writing and publishing children's books.


That's why we've worked so hard to make the CBI Clubhouse the single best resource available for children's writers — and at the lowest price.

So here's our best pitch to get you back — return to the Fightin' Bookworms now for the insider, secret rate of $29.95 for one full year (that's only about $2.50 month!) and we'll toss in something very, very cool:



The Children's Writer's "Big Book of How To" is the most popular eBook we've ever published.  It includes more than 260 pages worth of answers to such questions as:


  • What's the best way to choose a point of view for your story?  
  • How can you turn that great idea you have into a best-selling book?  
  • How do you write a chapter book? A picture book? A mystery?  
  • How do you write a magazine query?  
  • What's the best way to impress an editor?
  • How can you find the right publisher for your manuscript — and then stand out from the slushpile?


The answers — and much, much more — are now at your fingertips!  The Children's Writers Big Book of "How To" has the solution to more than 100 of the trickiest issues faced by children's authors.  This is an invaluable no-nonsense guide you'll return to again and again, for answers to whatever obstacles and opportunities you encounter.

It's the one reference title no serious aspiring or working children's author should be without!

For the rest of the world, this eBook sells for $29.95 (have a look here and see for yourself).  But right now, if you take advantage of our secret offer, you get it for free.  No kidding.

(We ask only one thing — please do not share this page and this offer with anyone else.  It is strictly non-transferable and available by invitation only.  In other words — it's just for you.)


Here's the link to get yourself back up and running for just $29.95 for 12 full months.  You'll be able to access the entire site, download the current issue of CBI, sign up for a critique group and download your free eBook in a matter of seconds.   But don't delay, this offer expires March 29!





And let us be the first to say, in advance,  "Welcome Back, Fightin' Bookworm!"




PS:  Already own The Children's Writers Big Book of "How To"?  No problem – after you place your order, drop us a note and we'll send you a different free goodie!