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You Can Be a Published Children's Author.



You just need a guide.  An experienced, trusted friend to tell you "Do this. Don't do that. Here's how it works."

For 22 years, helping new writers succeed has been our only job.  And no one does it better.



What has impressed and helped me the most has been the wealth of continuing information on how to write and understand the ever-changing world that encompasses being a children’s author. Keep up the good work CBI. I’m proud to be associated with your organization.

Anne McGee, award-winning author of The Mystery at Marlatt Manor 



Helping regular people — especially those with absolutely no writing experience — become published children's book authors is what we do. 

We aren't publishers, and we aren't beholden to anyone.  We're Teachers.  Friends.  Mentors.  And we have one goal: to teach you exactly what you need to know to improve your writing, get your book published and build a career writing books for children and young adults. No fluff, no nonsense, no hype.











Our members (lovingly dubbed The Fightin' Bookworms) pay only a few pennies a day.  And here's what they get:


#1:  Our Famous Monthly Newsletter with Exclusive Publishing Leads & Easy-to-Follow Instruction

Each month, you’ll download a new issue of Children’s Book Insider our legendary newsletter stuffed with exclusive market leads, no-nonsense instruction and all the creative, fresh and inspirational ideas you can handle!



#2:  A Real Community, Filled With Knowledge, Encouragement & Support

Our members receive complete, unlimited access to the entire CBI Clubhouse, our online community that’s jam-packed with articles, audio, video, eBooks, message boards and much, much more.



#3:  For Beginners – A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started…Today!

All memberships include unlimited access to the CBI Challenge, our step-by-step beginning writing course that will put you directly on the path to publication — even if you have absolutely zero experience as a writer!



#4:  Direct Guidance from Superstar Authors

You’ll get specialized instruction from our All-Star Team of Expert Guides, featuring such legendary authors as Linda White, Natasha Wing, Helen Landalf, Jane Choate, Teresa Funke, Kathryn Lay and Anastasia Suen.



#5:  Up-to-the-Minute Coverage of the Latest Technologies

Apps…eBooks…print on demand…  You'll learn how to publish your work in all the new formats, thanks to our fantastic team of 21st Century Publishing Guides. 



#6:  Empowerment & Encouragement

Knowledge is power — and we give you the power to craft your own children’s writing career.  There's never been a more exciting time to write for children and teens, and we'll help you make the most of the extraordinary opportunity that awaits.

And, because we know writing can be a challenging career, we’re always here with inspiration, encouragement and a “can do” attitude.  You can do this — and we can help.



CBI is the first place I send anyone who expresses an interest in writing, whether they are a teacher or a student.  I want to send them to a quality site that truly cares about their members.

Sandra Stiles, author of Steps to Courage 




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CBI is a writer’s lifeline!

Over the years, membership has grown steadily – but you, Jon and Laura, perform the near-impossible feat of making each member feel s/he’s a personal friend, that you have all the time in the world to answer their questions, and warm praise when our efforts meet with success. CBI, quite apart from the invaluable information and up-to-the-minute technology it offers, cuts through ‘the loneliness of the long-haul writer’; you feel very much part of it all, with an immediacy which is wonderful, especially for those of us who have no access to a local group. Maybe that sums it up best – the constant encouragement to keep at it, and never give up striving for publication.

Elizabeth McLaughlin


Whether or not you choose to join the CBI family, we have something very special we'd like to share with you:    


You Can Do This.


You may feel as if you're not experienced enough, not educated enough, not skilled enough to write children's books.  You may feel as if you don't have the time to embark on a new journey.   You may feel that no one will ever want to read what you write.   You may even feel a little scared at the prospect of simply giving it a shot. But here's the thing:  Pretty much every successful author we know felt exactly that way when they started out.  And you know why they succeeded? Because they went for it anyway. And so should you. 

This is your dream.  And you have every right to see it through, and to write your own happy ending.  And it would be a pleasure and an honor for us to help make that happen. Just remember something — all of those books on your local library shelf weren't written by machines or by super-human literary geniuses.  They were written by regular people, who worked hard and found someone along the way to point them in the right direction. If you're ready to do the work and give it your all, we're more than ready to be your guide.    



Come along for the journey.  You've got a book to write!






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The services CBI provides are awesome. I do not know of any organization like CBI that provides: writing guidelines like the 1-2-3 system; expert guides to eBooks and application publishing; providing expert writers who are willing to help with the writing and publishing; and then, there is CBI, the best bulletin I have the privilege to subscribe to. There are no words to express how fortunate I am to be a Fightin' Bookworm. I know I absorb every single bit of information that you provide. I am blessed to have learned (and still learning) the ins and outs of writing, editing, revising, critiquing, and publishing. The world is a better place to write and be published because there is Jon and there is Laura, two genuine people who are generous in providing guidelines to writers, even newbies like me!

Lilia Westmore