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VIDEO – The Single “Black Belt” Tip That Can Make Your Career

Successful authors have done one single, simple thing that has helped them vault to success. In this video, Jon tells you exactly what it is!

9 Responses to “VIDEO – The Single “Black Belt” Tip That Can Make Your Career”

  1. Nancy Graves

    Thankyou for these encouraging words! : )

  2. Gina Gustafson

    Thank you. I sit here crying knowing that I have it in me. A wonderful metaphor for inspiring me to refocus and go for that blackbelt authorship.

    Thank-you again.

  3. Jon Bard

    You're very welcome, guys!

  4. Alex Hawkins

    Yes, Thank-you for that inspiring mini-video. I believe that those are good words to remember. I keep telling myself that I am not going to make it. Because I don't have a degree in writing and I don't know punctuation well. Or I can't, because I am so scattered in the brain right now. Good words, you're right, we all are those people, working towards a goal. Of writing a book or two, or more and need to practice. Regularly.

  5. beth wilcox

    Thank you : ) We all need these pep talks to keep us going.Little did you know that your timing with me is right on spot! : )


  6. Arti Sonthalia

    hi Jon, 

    Thank you for this inspirational video… 



  7. Nancy Craddock


    Thanks so much for the much needed reminder!


  8. beth coulton

    I just spent this last Saturday at the Princeton Children's Book Festival where I met several well known children's authors.  They looked like me, talked like me, were nice like me, etc.  They were SO very regular.  But, they were the ones who beat the odds because they didn't quit.  And they were on the author side of the table.  We can all get there – we just need to persevere and not give up!

  9. Wendy Gaylord

    Thanks Jon, I needed that.

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