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Video Quickie: How to Find the Time to Write


Ever wonder how some people seem impossibly busy — but also impossibly productive?  Or how some writers can maintain families, full-time jobs and prolific literary careers?

From decades of hanging out with these kinds of folks, I've figured out a few of their secrets.  And, in this Video Quickie, I describe them.

So, carve two and a half minutes out of your super-tight schedule to watch this.  And then start writing something!


3 Responses to “Video Quickie: How to Find the Time to Write”

  1. Alicia Minor

    I write at my own pace, no pressure whatsoever but when inspiration  and motivation hit me, by all means, I put it down whereever I am, whatever I do, whenever. Finding time is not a problem. It could take five minutes, or more, the better. We just have to prioritize whatever is more important at the time  and if we really want to succeed in this field, let's go for it. We never know when inspiration and motivation comes, so be ready with a handy pen and notebook. Let's keep the ball rolling..

  2. Rebecca Phillips

    Thanks, Jon.  That's my biggest struggle.  I have this 'no time' self-talk that is keeping me paralyzed.  I'm pushing reset and putting your ideas into play.  I agree about the priority thing.  Thanks for helping me see through "I can't."

  3. Josie Marrero

    Wow, It's 7:50pm on a Monday night, and i just became a member, so i thought i'd

    look around, since I have 10 minutes before my favorite show starts. "Dancing with the Stars."

    I just thought you were speaking to me. :) 

    I do have the time and I'm loving this site. Thanks Jon

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