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What does CBI mean to you?

For many years, when people asked us what we did for a living, we said "We publish a newsletter that teaches people how to write children's books and get them published."   And that was sufficient for most of our history.

Today, though, there's a heck of a lot more to CBI. We still have the newsletter, of course, but a great deal has been added:

  • The CBI Clubhouse and its community of Fightin' Bookworms
  • The CBI 1-2-3 System
  • Our panel of expert guides
  • Our many eBooks
  • Our private critique groups
  • Our new content focused on ebooks and app publishing
  • Our new content that helps writers promote themselves and their work
  • Our personalized coaching program
  • Our daily Children's Books Today roundup, our Twitter feed and on and on….


Soon we'll be adding webinars and lots more.  The emphasis is the same — help people achieve their dreams of writing children's books — but the scope is so much larger.

So here's our problem:  how would we best describe ourselves now?   It's important to know that, so we can better serve you and also grow our community.

Rather than guess at it, we thought we ask you, our loyal Fightin' Bookworms.  After all, it's your opinion that really matters most.


So here's the question:

When you think about CBI, and your place in our community, what one sentence best describes us?  To put it another way, What would you tell someone about us if they never heard of us, but you knew that we could help them?


If you'd like to share a list of words that best describe us, great.  If you want to be a bit creative and express verse (you guys are writers, after all!  :)) that would be awesome.   If you have a single sentence that expresses everything, fantastic.  How you say it is up to you — we just want to know what you think of us.

Your responses will help us plan for the future, and also help us better provide exactly what you need.

So have at it!  Help us solve our little "identity crisis" and let us know what we mean to you, the most important person in our world…..a Fightin' Bookworm!

Please use the comment section to share your thoughts.  (If you'd rather not make your thoughts public, you can e-mail us here.)

Thank you!