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Start Here: How to Self-Publish Your Book

by Jane Freidman


Industry veteran Jane Friedman gave us special permission to reprint the following article, which outlines the steps necessary to self-publish your print or ebook, and includes links to numerous resources. If you’re thinking of self-publishing, this article is a must-read. Another must: subscribe to Jane’s blog


BONUS eCOURSE: How to Publish Your Book for the Kindle

We acquired the rights to an excellent tutorial on how to create and sell an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.  We’ve added in an extra bonus — a step by step guide for creating an eBook for the Nook, too!

This course is being sold elsewhere, but we also acquired the rights to give it away to our members.  It’s our gift you you for being loyal Fightin’ Bookworms!


How to Start & Run Your Own eBook Publishing Business

With such rapid changes in cultural trends, technology, entertainment, art, and politics these days, there is an increasing need for accurate and timely information.


If you have valuable insights into a particular field or have a unique perspective that will help a reader solve some problem they’re facing, then you