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Video: Laura on The Difference Between Plot & Theme

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Open with a Bang! Crafting Great Beginnings

You've Got 10 Seconds to Grab an Editor's Attention.  Here's How…

begin1When an editor opens up the envelope containing your manuscript and begins to read, you have 10 seconds to get her attention. If she’s not captivated by the end of the first page (or maybe the second page if

Free eBook: Robert Louis Stevenson on the Art of Writing

This delightful eBook opens a window into the writing process of a true master.


Essays in the Art of Writing includes Robert Louis Stevenson's insights into the creation of Treasure Island, details the books that most influenced him and discusses the moral obligation of putting pen to paper.

David Harrison On His Journey To Success


Laura chats with David Harrison, author of more than 70 books, about his fascinating career.


David’s recent titles include: Paul Bunyan: My Story (Random House BFYR) Pirates (Wordsong) Johnny Appleseed: My Story (Random House BFYR) Cave Detectives: Unraveling the Mystery of an Ice Age Cave (Chronicle) David lives