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Young Adult Books 101


What is a Young Adult Book?

  • Fiction and nonfiction for ages 12 and up or 14 and up. Books tend to be 150 pages or longer. Manuscripts are generally 40,000 words and higher.
  • Fiction can be any genre. Some of the most popular are fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, cyber punk,

Drawing the Line in Edgy YA

Profanity. Violence. Drugs. Sex. It seems as if nothing is off limits in Young Adult fiction today. But what if you don’t want to write a novel packed with swear words or sexual content? Is there a place in the market for books about nice kids who aren’t living on

Mastering Fantasy

She was a liar. No one in middle school believed her stories and she knew it, yet she kept lying to them. It wasn’t until she met the unicorn in the supply closet that she discovered she had to find a way to make them believe she’d seen the creature,

Ask the Author: Dian Curtis Regan

One of the most versatile and accomplished writers in children’s literature shares her advice!


Over the years, we’ve given readers, aspiring authors and lovers of children’s literature the opportunity to interact directly with some of their favorite writers. The result: a number of revealing conversations with some remarkable authors. We’re proud to present a few of the best

The Novel Reimagined


How do you write a novel? When we think of a novel, we visualize the typical format: a chapter story that describes a linear chain of events, leading to a resolution at the end. Most novels follow this setup. But there are other ways to tell a story. 

PODCAST: Author Ronica Stromberg on Writing for Tweens, the Inspirational Market, Blogging and More.

Laura chats with Ronica Stromberg, author of the Kirsten Hart series for tweens (from Royal Fireworks Press,,  about  writing for the inspirational market and promoting herself through school visits and her blog.


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