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VIDEO – Using Animals or Inanimate Objects as Main Characters

How do you develop a main character that isn’t exactly human?  Laura’s got the answer for you!




Laura Backes

Laura is the founder and publisher of Children's Book Insider, and co-founder of Her work has appeared in Writer's Digest and The Writer magazines, as well as on numerous writing blogs. She's the technical editor of "Writing Children's Books for Dummies", and her book "Best Books for Kids Who (Think They) Hate to Read" is published by Random House. Through webinars, workshops, and online courses, Laura has taught thousands of children's book writers how to improve their craft .

8 Responses to “VIDEO – Using Animals or Inanimate Objects as Main Characters”

  1. Linda K. Black

    I can see visions of all sorts of things after listening to you. Thanks!

  2. dianna reed

    I had that exact question and you explained very clearly.  Thanks alot!

  3. Lauriann Sayers

    Thank you!  This has helped a lot. 

  4. Lauriann Sayers

    Hi, Laura………
    I went down to the library today and ended up reading the entire book of Kate DiCamillo's that you mentioned.  I jotted my notes and found the book to be constantly pulling me on to read the next chapter.  I am working on a story of inanimate characters.  I am so excited.  Reading this helped me to see how layering is done so effectively.  I was pleased to see that she was the same author of another favorite of mine ( and that I read to my students) The Tales of Despereaux.   
    Thank you for all your help.

  5. Alicia Minor

    I haven’t done or deal with inanimate objects yet writing my stories but leaned something about it in this video. Good show!

  6. Zoraida Rivera

    I’m writing a book that has an animal that talks, a bird, and it was good to see something related to what I’ m writing. I’ve read that editors don’t want talking animals, but I’ve seen recent books with them. Are there any chapter books that you could recommend that have talking animals in them?
    Any suggestions about writing chapter books?
    Thanks for the video. Good day.

  7. Tessa Kruger

    Thank you Laura. I’ll have to think like a “Shrek” for some layers now!!
    Have a nice day.

  8. Jeannie

    great video!

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