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Understanding Cause & Effect

When we write fiction, we see the story in our mind long before it’s down on paper. We know why our characters are acting the way they do because we are familiar with their past and in control of their future. We understand the significance of every event in the


VIDEO – Using Real People in Fictional Stories



Ordinary Characters, Extraordinary Feats

I admit it. I love superheroes. I love their super strength, super powers, super intelligence, and super good looks. However, I don’t write about superheroes. I write about ordinary people doing extraordinary things despite insurmountable odds. Is that not the measure of true greatness?



Creating Realistic, Well-Rounded Primary Characters

If you’ve studied fiction writing you know that characters rule. Above all, your protagonist must leap off the page as a living, breathing being. Your antagonist (the force working against your main character) must be similarly real. But if you’re writing an adventure story, or a thriller with a breakneck


Exercise: Point of View & Character Depth

Place the main character from your story in a setting that’s not in your plot (the mall, a classroom, your own home, etc.) Write a scene in the First Person Viewpoint with your main character narrating his/her reaction to the setting.

Then write the same scene in Third Person Limited.


VIDEO – Using Animals or Inanimate Objects as Main Characters

How do you develop a main character that isn’t exactly human?  Laura’s got the answer for you!