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Tie Your Book to an Annual Event to Get More Publicity!

Did you know that  July 21 is National Ice Cream Day?  Or that September 1-7 is National Waffle Week?  Or that May is National Bike Safety Month?

No matter the subject matter of your book, there’s probably a “National Day/Week/Month” that connects to it.  Knowing this well in advance can

Author Marketing for Beginners!

Books do not market themselves, nor do agents and publishers do all the work for you if you've gone that route. And if you're a self-published author, that means most or all of the burden of marketing falls upon your shoulders.

This article talks about methods you can use to

Is Your Author Website Good Enough?

Don’t let your website sink your career

Imagine you’re the captain of the good ship D.I.Y. Book Promotion. You’re heading straight into the seas of indifference and your boat is chugging hard. Your author website should function like the prow of the ship, helping to cut through those vast and stormy

101 Things to Blog About!

101 Ways to Blog as an Ebook AuthorWe all know that blogging is one of the best ways to get attention in today’s Internet world. A blog is a godsend to your website, bringing it traffic, fans, and more. But you have to post regularly: twice a week or more.

Stuck for what to blog about? Here

Ask Melissa: How Can I Promote My Book?

Here’s a question from a Fightin’ Bookworm for our Social Media Expert Guide Melissa Giovagnoli (G) Wilson:


Dear Melissa,

I am a previously-published author who will be self-publishing an illustrated digital children’s book optimized for the pixel-dense iPad 3. An experienced artist from Sweden is collaborating with me, and

10 Key Strategies For a Good Book Publicity Campaign

by Cheryl Donovan


Here are 10 strategies you can use to jump start a good book publicity campaign.

  1. Contact the press immediately if your topic is making headlines. Ask not have not. You'd be surprised how many times you will be taken up on your offer to participate as

Book Publicity Timeline: from Contract to Launch

by Caridad Piñeiro


If you've been lucky enough to sell to a traditional publishing house, you will need to discuss with your editor and the publishing department what you kind of promotion is being done to publicize your book.

Call your editor and discuss the promotional plan and remember

Book Publicity – How to Create an Online Media Kit

by Dana Lynn Smith


In your author and book publicity activities, it's critical to make it easy for journalists, talk show producers and other influencers to quickly find everything they need to know about you and your book. One of the best ways to do that is to create

Connecting with Readers Via Your Own Podcast

Are you like me and need a “Multimedia for Dummies” book?  My children and my grandchildren typically regard me with pity when I ask for help with anything technological,  including working the apps on my new cell phone.

One day I innocently asked, “What is a podcast?”   After an exaggerated

Countdown to Book Launch!

You've sold a book. Congratulations! Your work is done. Right?


Wrong. Your work is just beginning.


Those who have been around in the publishing business long enough remember the old marketing methods. ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) were mailed to bookstore owners and reviewers. Postcards were sent to a reading list,