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Nailing Down the Interview

Most writers at one time or another will conduct an interview to learn more about a career, a person, a historical event, etc. Interviewing does not come naturally to many individuals, especially those writers who tend to be introverted (like me). But there are skills we can learn to make

9 Reasons Why Magazine Writing May Be For You

If your definition of breaking into children’s publishing includes writing and selling a 300-page novel, or convincing a publisher to invest thousands of dollars in your picture book, you’re overlooking a substantial part of the market. Magazines need new material on a weekly or monthly basis. Some writers start off

Magazines – Much More Than a Stepping Stone


Children’s magazines offer a wide variety of writing possibilities and a chance to reach thousands, even millions of readers.


While my children’s books have reached thousands of readers, they can’t compare to the millions of children who have read my short stories, poems, and articles in the various

Some Key Advice From a Magazine Writing Pro

Before I ever published one book, I began writing for magazines. I enjoyed starting and completing a story or article, marketing it, selling it, and getting a byline and a check. But in the beginning, I didn’t understand writing for the modern child reader or marketing to the correct publication.