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How to Use Fiction Techniques in Nonfiction

by Sue Bradford Edwards


To sell your nonfiction, you have to hook your reader, including your first reader – an editor or agent.  When I write narrative nonfiction, I grab my reader using the same techniques used by fiction writers.  I create a story full of interesting characters who


Writing for the Educational Market

Part of the reason we write for children is because we enjoy this type of writing, because we want to get published, because we want to get paid, because we want children to read, because we want to get famous. Writing for the Educational Market accomplishes all these things except


How to Write a Picture Book Biography

Nonfiction picture books are a hit with children in the older elementary grades. The factual information appeals to teachers and kids doing school reports, while the illustrated format makes the books accessible to readers who are intimidated by large blocks of text, and perfect to read aloud to a classroom.