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Complete Social Media Course for Beginners


Here’s something many Fightin’ Bookworms have been asking for:


An easy-to-follow course that explains exactly how to get started promoting yourself and your writing using the top social media sites.

This course is being sold for as much as $79 elsewhere, but we’ve purchased the rights to give it


101 Things to Blog About!

101 Ways to Blog as an Ebook AuthorWe all know that blogging is one of the best ways to get attention in today’s Internet world. A blog is a godsend to your website, bringing it traffic, fans, and more. But you have to post regularly: twice a week or more.

Stuck for what to blog about? Here


Social Marketing Made Easy!

Writers know the importance of outlining. A good book starts with a strong outline or plan. But do you know the importance of outlining your social media marketing?

Of course you have a website. You’re on Facebook, you tweet, you blog. You’re familiar with MySpace, YouTube, Tumblr, Linked In, and other social network sites. Do you have a plan to make your efforts work together toward your goal?


Borrow Secrets of Successful Bloggers to Promote Your Work

Interview by Kimberly Hutmacher


Blogging is the cheapest and easiest way for writers to promote themselves and their work. But here’s the thing: We’ve all seen blogs done well that we enjoy visiting on a regular basis, but we have also visited blogs once or twice that didn’t hold