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Anastasia Breaks It Down: Inside a New Chapter Book Series

Ever wonder how a new series gets started? Courtney Sheinmel wrote the first book in her new chapter book series Stella Batts because her “faux niece” complained. “You always write books for Nicki,” she told Sheinmel. (Nicki is the eldest niece.) “You never write anything for me.”


So Sheinmel


Chapter Books 101

What is a Chapter Book?


  • Called “transitional books” (ages 6-9), or “chapter books” (ages 7-10), these short novels are broken into chapters that average 3-5 pages each.


  • Books range from 64-96 pages; manuscripts average 6000-15,000 words (transitional books being on the shorter end).


  • Characters can be animals, fantasy creatures or