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Young Adult Books 101


What is a Young Adult Book?

  • Fiction and nonfiction for ages 12 and up or 14 and up. Books tend to be 150 pages or longer. Manuscripts are generally 40,000 words and higher.
  • Fiction can be any genre. Some of the most popular are fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, cyber punk,

Picture Books 101


What is a Picture Book?

  • Illustrated stories and nonfiction for children ages 3-6, or 4-8.**     Designed to be read out loud to a child.


  • Text averages 1000 words or less (500-800 words is most common); books average 32 pages.


  • The text focuses on the characters, plot and action of the book. Very

Middle Grade Books 101


What is a Book for Middle Graders?

  • Novels or nonfiction for ages 8-12 or 10-14. Lengths can vary from 84-200 pages (novels are usually over 100 pages long), or 20,000-40,000 words. Illustrated nonfiction may have fewer words.
  • Characters are children ages 9-14 (average character in middle grade

Easy Readers 101

What is an Easy Reader?


  • For readers kindergarten through second or third grade.


  • Designed to be read by children just learning to read on their own.


  • Books can be 32-64 pages long, fiction or nonfiction, with texts ranging from about 50 words up to 2000 words.


Chapter Books 101

What is a Chapter Book?


  • Called “transitional books” (ages 6-9), or “chapter books” (ages 7-10), these short novels are broken into chapters that average 3-5 pages each.


  • Books range from 64-96 pages; manuscripts average 6000-15,000 words (transitional books being on the shorter end).


  • Characters can be animals, fantasy creatures or

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PODCAST – Jon & Laura on Writing Fiction for Kids

A few years back, Jon and Laura sat down to talk about the key ingredients of writing fiction for children.  From story ideas to manuscript submission, they covered all the bases.   Originally a special bonus for select customers, the entire talk is now available to all CBI Clubhouse