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How to Decode a Rejection Letter

You know you’re a writer when you get your first rejection letter. It’s an inevitable part of the process. And it stinks. After you yell, or cry, or curse out the editor who clearly doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it, it’s time to decipher exactly what that rejection letter means.


Taming the Synopsis

by Jane Choate



Editor’s note: This article explains how to write a longer synopsis for a novel that would accompany the query letter. This synopsis would be up to two pages long, typed single-spaced.


If I ever started a business of writing bumper stickers, my first slogan would be “I Hate Synopses.”



How to Write a Great Query Letter

In an ideal world, you’d be able to pitch your manuscript to an editor over a leisurely cup of coffee. But we’re forced to inhabit the real world, where you’ve got about 10 seconds to hook an editor before she decides to continue reading or reach for her form rejection


Assembling the Perfect Submissions Packet

You’re now at an exciting time in the submissions process. You've polished your manuscript, researched appropriate publishers and studied their submission guidelines. Now you're finally going to send your manuscript out into the world to be read by editors.

Publishers will specify on their guidelines exactly