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How to Make a Picture Book Dummy

When I get stuck revising a picture book manuscript, the best tool I found to give me a fresh look at the story is a dummy. A mock up book, that is.

Picture books are about spare text, scene changes, a turning point, and page turners. When you physically lay

Using Public Domain Stories

Kids often ask me how I was able to “copy” The Night Before Christmas and not get in trouble.

“It’s in the public domain,” I say, “so I don’t need permission.”

What does public domain mean? Material – such as stories, songs and movies – that is unprotected by intellectual

Titillating Titles

Before I wrote children’s books I worked as a copywriter at an advertising agency. I found that if I applied the formula for writing ad copy to writing picture books that writing a book wasn’t as daunting. I also believed in the KISS advertising approach – Keep It Simple Stupid.