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Narrative Nonfiction: Making Facts into a Story

When editors say they are looking for narrative nonfiction, what does that mean?

Narrative nonfiction is creative nonfiction yet while both are fact-based book categories, narrative nonfiction is also about storytelling, not just presenting facts in a clever way. It gives people, places and events meaning and emotional content


How to Make a Picture Book Dummy

When I get stuck revising a picture book manuscript, the best tool I found to give me a fresh look at the story is a dummy. A mock up book, that is.

Picture books are about spare text, scene changes, a turning point, and page turners. When you physically lay


Using Public Domain Stories

Kids often ask me how I was able to “copy” The Night Before Christmas and not get in trouble.

“It’s in the public domain,” I say, “so I don’t need permission.”

What does public domain mean? Material – such as stories, songs and movies – that is unprotected by intellectual


How a Bestselling Children’s Book Series Was Created

Natasha Wings's Night Before…. series regularly tops the Picture Book charts. In this exclusive video, Natasha shares how she came up with the idea!






Natasha Wing has been writing children's books for 20 years and has published 22 books with more on the way. She


Titillating Titles

Before I wrote children’s books I worked as a copywriter at an advertising agency. I found that if I applied the formula for writing ad copy to writing picture books that writing a book wasn’t as daunting. I also believed in the KISS advertising approach – Keep It Simple Stupid.

What the Heck’s Happening In Picture Books?

The past few years has brought the biggest shift in picture books that I’ve observed in my twenty-year writing career. Things that I believe have contributed to the shift are:

  • The awarding of the Caldecott Medal to a novel-length story that happens to have a trillion drawings and was labeled