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Word Counts, Page Counts & Age Groups: Board Books, Poetry & Picture Books

Board Books, fiction and nonfiction:8-24 pages long, paper over board format, written for infants and toddlers. Minimal text (0-200 words). Lots of concrete action and familiar situations. Can also teach concepts (colors, shapes, identifying animals, etc.), and may have lift-the-flaps, touch-and-feel or sound elements. Most are written by the


Formatting Poetry for Submission

If you’re submitting a rhyming text to a book publisher, you’re going to format a bit differently than prose formatting.  For books written in verse, using a full double-space between lines might make the text too loose and hard to read. Instead, use 1.5 spaces within the verses, and double


PODCAST – Darren Sardelli on the Art of Writing Children’s Poetry


Join Laura for an exclusive chat with children’s poet Darren Sardelli on the ins and outs of writing poems for kids, creating his own publishing company. setting up school appearances and lots more!

To learn more about Darren, visit his web site at


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