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CBI Insider Exclusive Video: Emma Dryden on the 5 Biggest Pitfalls That Kill Children’s Writing Careers

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When Laura sat down with acclaimed children’s book editor Emma Dryden for her writeforkids interview, she saved something very special just for our Insiders. In this CBI Clubhouse-only video, Emma describes the 5 things that can kill your career before it even gets rolling.  This is really powerful advice


Video Quickie: How to Find the Time to Write


Ever wonder how some people seem impossibly busy — but also impossibly productive?  Or how some writers can maintain families, full-time jobs and prolific literary careers?

From decades of hanging out with these kinds of folks, I've figured out a few of their secrets.  And, in this Video Quickie, I


Video Quickie: How to Get Feedback & Handle Criticism

Getting honest feedback for your writing is absolutely vital — but necessarily a whole lot of fun if you don't have a thick skin. Jon's here with some thoughts on how to get unbiased input, and how to deal with criticism in a positive way




VIDEO – Using Real People in Fictional Stories



VIDEO – How Do I Determine the Proper Age Group For My Manuscript?

In this video, Laura gives tips about how to target the correct age group for your book.

VIDEO – What Should I Write About?

You're driven to write a children's book, but you're not sure what you want to write about. No problem, let's figure it out. In this video, we'll give you some tips for avoiding what *not* to write about, and how to mine your own life experiences for great subjects.



VIDEO – Using Animals or Inanimate Objects as Main Characters

How do you develop a main character that isn’t exactly human?  Laura’s got the answer for you!





VIDEO – Laura Backes on Developing Stories for Different Age Groups

Laura discusses how to polish your idea to fit specific age groups.