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Building Your Brand as a Writer

Every well-known author has a “brand”. Think of Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, Judy Blume, John Green. When you see their names and their books, you get a sense of what’s important to them and how they see the world.

You may have done our own branding, composing a banner for your blog


Understanding Copyright and Fair Use




Did you know that you have invoked a copyright as soon as you write something—putting it on paper or other media? For many years I didn’t understand this concept. I thought I needed to take out a copyright on each short story, article, or book I wrote.


Nailing Down the Interview

Most writers at one time or another will conduct an interview to learn more about a career, a person, a historical event, etc. Interviewing does not come naturally to many individuals, especially those writers who tend to be introverted (like me). But there are skills we can learn to make


To Build a Career, Give ‘Em What They Want

Nordstroms is a department store with a well-deserved reputation for providing not only quality goods but also quality service. Customer loyalty to the store is legendary. Associates are schooled in “the care and feeding” of customers.


Okay. You get it. Nordstroms is a great store. (And no, I’m not


A New Classic Easy Reader: Penny and Her Doll



When you blog about books, the publishers usually send you the books several months before the book is available to the public.

This is because print magazines have a long lead time. It’s a matter of timing. Publishers want reviewers to have enough time to read their books


VIDEO – How to Write Compelling Dialogue, Part 2

In Part Two of her dialogue tutorial, writing coach Teresa Funke covers the most common dialogue challenges, including using slang and cussing, dialect and accents, inserting humor into the conversation, and linking the dialogue with the character’s movements.




To download a pdf transcript of this video, or to learn


How to Attend the Bologna Book Fair as a Writer

by Allison Pomenta

Editor’s note: Attending an international book fair is a terrific way to see what’s happening in publishing on a global scale, and also allows indie authors an opportunity to make connections with foreign publishers who might want to publish their books. Plus, it’s a tax-deductible trip! But


CBI Insider Exclusive Video: Emma Dryden on the 5 Biggest Pitfalls That Kill Children’s Writing Careers

insider bonus

When Laura sat down with acclaimed children’s book editor Emma Dryden for her writeforkids interview, she saved something very special just for our Insiders. In this CBI Clubhouse-only video, Emma describes the 5 things that can kill your career before it even gets rolling.  This is really powerful advice


Watch Our Expert Guide Webinar!

On October 9, Fightin' Bookworms from across the globe joined us live as we answered some of your most pressing questions.  We recorded the webinar…and here it is!

(quick note — we lost video near the very beginning and about halfway through.  It's just a minute or two, and the


Ask the Author: Dian Curtis Regan

One of the most versatile and accomplished writers in children’s literature shares her advice!


Over the years, we’ve given readers, aspiring authors and lovers of children’s literature the opportunity to interact directly with some of their favorite writers. The result: a number of revealing conversations with some remarkable authors. We’re proud to present a few of the best

PODCAST – Middle Grade Author Donna Gephart on Reaching Young Readers

Laura chats with award-winning author Donna Gephart  about writing humorous middle grade fiction,  tapping into the concerns of that age group, and reaching her market. Visit to see the trailer for her newest novel, How to Survive Middle School.




Listen now:


Or right click and


A Quick Visit with Author & Editor Diane Muldrow

Diane Muldrow is an established editor and children’s author of many books for all ages.

Her books include the Dish Series, Groovy Girls Series, Mama, Where are You? and Mama, What’s in There?   She was interviewed for The CBI Clubhouse by Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff


As an author who has a


David Harrison On His Journey To Success


Laura chats with David Harrison, author of more than 70 books, about his fascinating career.


David’s recent titles include: Paul Bunyan: My Story (Random House BFYR) Pirates (Wordsong) Johnny Appleseed: My Story (Random House BFYR) Cave Detectives: Unraveling the Mystery of an Ice Age Cave (Chronicle) David lives