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This Month’s Member Appreciation Gift!


Member Appreciation Gift


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To say thanks for your loyalty and friendship, we're offering a surprise bonus gift for you on a regular basis. 

This month, we bring you a classic piece of CBI history!.

Over the years, Laura and I have had the honor of speaking with some

The Only Picture Book Writing Course You'll Ever Need Is Here!


Meet Emma Walton Hamilton



Emma Walton Hamilton and her mom, the legendary Julie Andrews, chat
with Rachael Ray about their bestselling books.

If you've been around children's books for a while, you probably know
exactly who Emma

A Holiday Gift for Our Fightin’ Bookworms!

We recently came across something we knew you'd all enjoy.  It's a child's activity book from 1907 called  The 12 Magic Changelings, and it features 12 cut and paste sets of figures from classic literature.  You'll find Mary and her little lamb, Humpty Dumpty and the egg, Tom the

Video: When Should I Give Up On a Story?

The Children’s Writer’s Big Book of “How To”


The Book No Author's Library Should Be Without.


Book on How to Write a Book for Children - The Children's Writer's Big Book of "How to"


The Children's Writer's Big Book of "How To"

Everything You Need to Know….and Then Some!


  • What's the best way to choose a point of view for your story?  
  • How can you turn that great idea you

We Make It Easy to Succeed!



For most of our 23 years in business, our advice to aspiring authors has pretty much been the same:

Write a great manuscript, research publishers, assemble a submissions package, send it off….and wait.

If you're one of the lucky ones, your wait will end with a contract offer. 


Thanks for your input .  We really appreciate it!


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What does CBI mean to you?

For many years, when people asked us what we did for a living, we said "We publish a newsletter that teaches people how to write children's books and get them published."   And that was sufficient for most of our history.

Today, though, there's a heck of a lot more to

Ask the Author: Dian Curtis Regan

One of the most versatile and accomplished writers in children’s literature shares her advice!


Over the years, we’ve given readers, aspiring authors and lovers of children’s literature the opportunity to interact directly with some of their favorite writers. The result: a number of revealing conversations with some remarkable authors. We’re proud to present a few of the best

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2012 ebook

10 Key Strategies For a Good Book Publicity Campaign

by Cheryl Donovan


Here are 10 strategies you can use to jump start a good book publicity campaign.

  1. Contact the press immediately if your topic is making headlines. Ask not have not. You'd be surprised how many times you will be taken up on your offer to participate as

Book Publicity Timeline: from Contract to Launch

by Caridad Piñeiro


If you've been lucky enough to sell to a traditional publishing house, you will need to discuss with your editor and the publishing department what you kind of promotion is being done to publicize your book.

Call your editor and discuss the promotional plan and remember

Book Publicity – How to Create an Online Media Kit

by Dana Lynn Smith


In your author and book publicity activities, it's critical to make it easy for journalists, talk show producers and other influencers to quickly find everything they need to know about you and your book. One of the best ways to do that is to create


Social Marketing Made Easy!

Writers know the importance of outlining. A good book starts with a strong outline or plan. But do you know the importance of outlining your social media marketing?

Of course you have a website. You’re on Facebook, you tweet, you blog. You’re familiar with MySpace, YouTube, Tumblr, Linked In, and other social network sites. Do you have a plan to make your efforts work together toward your goal?

The 10 Commandments of Press Releases

by Bill Stoller


In baseball, it's said that you know an umpire is top-notch when you never notice his presence. If he's doing his job, he won't call attention to himself in any way. It's much the same for the writer of a press release. When the recipient of

Video: The Insider’s Method of Finding a Literary Agent

Agents are some of publishing’s true heroes.  They’re also among the hardest-working folks we know.  In their honor, we’ve prepared a video that will help make their lives easier — and your career more successful.

We’ve got a little-known technique for finding  literary agents who are accepting new clients, along


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MFA in Children’s Literature: A Launching Point for Your Writing Career?

By Suzanna E. Henshon, Ph.D.


Have you considered pursuing an MFA? Several well-known MFA (Master’s Degree of Fine Arts) programs have added an option for writing children’s and young adult literature, allowing writers to congregate within established programs while pursuing their academic interest in children’s literature. Some programs allow

A Wonderful Classic Book — Free for Fightin’ Bookworms!

Download this beautiful ABC Book with spectacular wood cuts.  A true gem that will still delight a child 85 years after it was first published!

While poring through the amazing collection, I came across this wonderful, colorful volume called The ABC Book by C.B. Falls.  It's in the public

Why We’re Optimistic. And Why You Should Be Too.

These days, picking up a newspaper or turning on your TV is an exercise in courage. Lord only knows what terrible piece of financial news will arise next. And it’s not just some abstract issue that impacts "the big boys". The current economic situation hits each of us, and makes

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